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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Words of the week#2!

So hello again guys!
Howie you all?
So yay my holidays have started and as promised I am gona post on time !
I am sooooo happy!
I thought my holidays would be a bit boring cause one of really good friends went for vacations. And I already miss her a lot.
But I am glad my crazy dazy friends  are with me . And I am actually enjoying with them. We started having parties and are planning for more in the future.
And in one of our recent parties we were kindA discussing about ourselves. So this week's words will be kinda based on teens.
Cliques: a small group of people who do not allow others to join them.
Fasionistas: 1. A designer of
haute couture
2. A devoted
follower of
Feasibles: to be done easily.
2. Likely
Feisty: spirited and exuberant
Filly: 1. A young female horse
2. A lively girl or young woman
Finesse: 1. Elegant or delicate skill.
2. Subtle skill in handling people or situations.
Finicky: 1. Fussy
2. Excessively detailed or elaborate.Flamboyant:  1. Very confident and lively.
2. Brightly colored or highly decorated

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