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Friday, June 7, 2013


Helloo Friends! howwie you all?;)even though its a public holiday here in Kuwait am posting this cause this is the very favorite topic of mine----Guess!?........Romantic novels!!!and the best of them-Pride and Prejudice....
I myself was dying to read this book until a month ago and when I finally read it gosh!
it is the best book ever even though at first you wont understand anything bt later you'll catchupbut seriously this book is worth the while!its written by Jane Austen a very famous writer from EnglandMiss Austen has used very sharp sense of language in all her books (though this one is my fav.);) What Irony and wit overshadows is Austen's use of words for parsing human nature....The heroine Miss Elizabeth Bennet  is a witty girl and she manages to carve out independence within the confines of English tradition. Mr.Darcy a hotty man with a very good fortune falls for her and as she  at first rejects him is radicalism at the point on which the book goes.I really enjoyed reading this book as it takes the most unexpected turns throughout the whole story.And this book is not only for ladies! guys can surely enjoy it equally!So go and read this book and I would like your comments on how was it!!!  


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2013

    I have read the Pride and the prejudice. Even though I find it a great love story, there are far better stories in this genre. If you get around to reading a lot of them you'll figure it out.
    Elizabeth Bennet is not at all a witty person, but rather solemn and bold.
    Also I believe you meant to say that Darcy is 'Haughty' rather than Hotty.I do believe he is a hottie though. :3

    1. AnonymousJune 08, 2013

      Yeah I agree with you "anonymous".
      I guess each person has their own likes and dislikees. And I believe Yusra really liked the book. I am sure
      She read other books but found thia one better so posted her view
      On it. Well anyways I appreciate ur criticism nd thanks for the comment! ♥

    2. yeah I too agree with u 'anonymous' but this is only my view concerning this book and this IS my fav. book among many I have read.
      Thanx for ur comment as this is the first time since opening of this blog that anyone has posted a criticizing comment and this is what makes the blog interesting so thanx again :)

    3. AnonymousJune 08, 2013

      It's very joyous to see that you haven't created a fuss over a critic comment!
      Well if that's the case than I wish you all the joys in further exploring this beautiful genre! I would love to suggest a few books, if you may!
      Happy reading and blogging! :)

    4. AnonymousJune 09, 2013

      Lol we actually Love criticism! Dont we Yusra?
      By criticism only do we know our mistakes, and in fact we should learn from our mistakes! :D
      And yes we may love to hear your suggestions you may just email it to us or write a guest post on your reviews about books!
      And thanks aot for your comments! we Appreciate them cause we love them!<3

  2. ya dats right what Halima said in-fact criticism makes blogging a bit more fun and I would love to get suggestions about some books nd thanx 4 ur comment!!;)


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