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Contribute To MCT!


Would you like to submit your Crochet patterns, arts and crafts, paintings, articles, book reviews or just anything here on my blog?

 Well yes you can do it!

Just follow the rules and steps below!:

  1. The articles, patterns or arts and crafts should be original and written by YOU!
  2. They should contain pictures or If I dont find any pics on them I will add Appropriate ones!
  3. Paintings or drawings can be scanned and sent to me through email.
  4. The articles, patterns or arts and crafts should be in "blog" format . 
  5. If you dont have a post to link me then just write it in Microsoft word and send it to me as a document!
  6. Posts should not be off topic - but you can include a short introduction about yourself in the end of about 5 sentences.
  7. When you send me an email do not forget to add my link badge on your blog please! :P
  8. Send me all your posts to me via the contact page!
  9. Send me a link badge of your blog too and the best post of the week will be featured here on my blog with a post about you and I'll add your badge on my blog! 

Yaaaaaay! This is going to be so much fun!


  1. haaaalleeeemmaaaa ur doin a grttt job !!!!!! keep it up i livd evry bag u made... gota lern frm u soo mch ^^ ;)

  2. opps i ment i loved ***

    1. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

      Thank you soooo much!:D
      Love your support! <3


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