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Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Update: Fav Hairstyles # 1!!

Curled Waterfall Braid

Hallo everyone!!!As promised by my schedule and indirectly me , today is the Fav hairstyles day! right?I am really sorry I couldn't fulfill my promise of Friday and Saturday posts ! I was  so damn busy that I could only view and reply to the comments I received ! :PAnyways so Today is Day 1 of My fav hairstyles ! woohoo Yay!You see I have like a lot of fav hairstyles but after thinking  a lot I have decided to choose this hairstyle to be my first one! and that is..........................
THE WATERFALL BRAID!It has many versions and I just love all of them !
Here are some pics :
Waterfall braid Combo - ladder Version!
 Paris Hilton!!! <3

DIY Waterfall braid

Isla Fisher!!!! 
Spiral Waterfall Braid

French Waterfall braid
Dutch waterfall braid

French Waterfall braid
Dutch waterfall braid


Its not that I haven't tried them on my own hair but rather I tried like a million times but it never worked out this perfect!Its called the waterfall braid cause when you see it closely it looks like a waterfall ! P  LOL :DNo seriously, it does!Me having long hair, like seriously long hair love it a lot cause its a perfect hairstyle for people with long hair and I guess its a perfect one for teens too cause it is the IN thing yaar and also very easy to do!!Here is a video of how to do it if you ever wanted to try this out! :

What are your Favorite hairstyles?

-For Doing it yourself!

The ladder waterfall braid!

Waterfall Braid with Spirals -

Diy Dutch Waterfall Braid

Hope you liked it ! :D


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