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Monday, May 27, 2013

WIP's For this 28 MAY- 3rd June!

Hey Everyone!! Howie you all ?I am doing quiet well! I am really happy , We had so much fun at school today ! Our school Topped in the whole Kuwait for the 12th examinations this year ! Woohooo ! :D

I mean there was this guy he got 100 out of 100 in MATHS! Can you believe it ?. In MATHS! The most difficult subject of the world! I man I guess he would probably be an abnormal guy to get that much marks! 

Any ways We had a great party at school after the results were announced At 6:30 am In the morning.The Singers of our school sang and we all were called into the courtyard and Danced like anything ! OMG that was so much fun!

I hope to top my subjects too in 12th but mom goes like I need to think about my 10th marks first as they are really Important according to her! :PPray for me All of you! :P

Anyways Again I am diverting from my topic , Yeah so where was I?........

Yup WIP- Work In progress For this week will be as follows ( hope to execute it well this time :P)

Tuesday:  Recipe: Bread Pakoras (Indian Recipe)

Wednesday: DIY AND ARTS AND CRAFTS- DIY Paper boxes!

Thursday: Crochet- Baby Hanging Mobiles

Friday : Article: True Friends

Saturday: Words of the week! 

Sunday:  My Fav Poem Is Coming up!

Monday: Another Fav hairstyle: High Ponytails! <3

Hope to at least follow this time ! :P

Wish me luck guys! :D

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