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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2nd Month Anniversary ♥

Hey guys,
Howie you all?
I am sooooooooooooooooo happy today! XD
Guess why............?
Well it's my blog's second anniversary today!. ♡
I can't believe it's two months since I started blogging. :O
I mean time flies so fast! Doesn't it?
I had started my blog just for some fun and cause' blogging' was the 'in' thing nd yeah it's still the in thing.
But now this blog has inspired me so much and this is a means for me to show that teenagers can actually do what they want, they are responsible-they just need to be given responsibilities, they can be independent and the most important thing- we are crafty!
It always has been my dream to prove to my friends and family that I can do something different and here is my blog making my dream come true!
It's always a good thing to see the other cliques in school who usually ignore you to come and ask you if you have a blog and when you say yes see their face hang down with awe and surprise but tell you what? I don't want all this! I am fine with the secret of having a blog to be among my friends who support me not who are jealous of me.
There was this guy in our school- actually is -who is known as a computer geek, I have always wanted to be like him, there are many people who score really good marks in school and are really crafty and I have always wanted to be among them. I have always wanted a big group surrounding me and being my friends. I have always wanted to he noticed but not in the wrong way.
I tried to do many things to achieve that for example I stood in elections bt I lost I tried to get 99% but couldn't.
And then I realized unless and until I do something different from what others are doing how will I be noticed?
And so I started this blog- Mecraftteen ♥
In the beginning yes I had The feeling that I wanna become famous and be noticed but then this blog changed my feelings it became my personal diary which the whole world could read understand and advice me on any probs I had.
But now our blog is nothing g about fAme and noticing it's all about sharing  wonderful ideas I get and Yusra gets with all of you.
I am really happy to be having a blog. And to be having such good readers and criticizers.
Umm sorry so that's enough of the story about my blog.
Anyways I just hope Yusra was here to congratlate our blog.
Anyways im happy that you guys are there as a token of my thanks to all my constant supporters I would like to announce something:
Our blog is now open time anyone who might want to do publicity of their blog but indirectly. How?
You might feature any of your blog posts on our blog and link it back to ur website or blog!
So grab this opportunity!

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