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Saturday, June 15, 2013

DIY lip Balm

Hey Everyone,Wassup?Howz Summer going.......?As we all know.....Winter just got over, and it left our lips are chapped and ugly.Summer has arrived but still our lips haven't got their makeover!

We all want our lips to look beautiful , smooth and kissable Dont we?
And to do that all that we need is a cheap and good lip balm........Not the expensive ones which might cause side effects to our lips........And tell you what? Its really easy and cheap to make one right at our house with all those supplies lying around!!!And so this is my summer favourite - DIY Lip Balm!Here is the simple recipe to make one in as many colors you like!:

What you need:

  1. Vaseline
  2. Eye shadow in whatever color you like
  3. A spoon
  4. Toothpick
  5. Hot water
  6. Small containers with lids/ Tubes

1. Prepare your containers. Wash And Dry them well
2. Scoop out the vaseline using your spoon and put it in the container.

3. Melt it. In the oven or on the steam.
4. Scrape out your eye shadow using the toothpick and put it in the container with vaseline.(sorry I forgot to take pics)
5.Mix , Mix And Mix!

6. Keep it in the Freezer or fridge and let it cool.
7. Remove from fridge and enjoy!

You can make it in any color you like- I made it in red, pink and Blue :P
Don't forget to comment below! :D
P.S: There wont be any recipe posts for two weeks as Yusra Is out of town :(

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