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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where were you the whole week!?

"Where were you the whole week? Were you dead? An accident occrued or what on earth happened?.
It's more than a week since you didn't post anything- no DIYS no crochet patterns no articles nothing! You promised that once your holidays start you will post regularly, what happened to your promise now? Haven't your holidays started yet?"

This is the question you guys might be wanting to ask me right?

Well here is the answer- First of all I am sorry, I had no internet at home but all my posts were ready to be posted as soon as I would get the internet, I would just have to copy and paste it and the worst part is I am still not sure if I'll be getting internet anytime soon.

The second thing about my promise- I am sorry again. I was really busy this whole time ever since I got my holidays-I.e. 5th June- I am having summer classes and a very big plan to be executed soon. I guess by now you might have understood how bad I am at fulfilling promises :-P
So from now on no promises!♥
And the third thing what I was doing the whole week - it was kind of a "crochet week" for me. I got so many orders which had to be completed soon . Here is a glimpse of what I was making:

heart Headband For my Friend

Raspberry STitch Bag! I love the Popping Stitches 

Hello kitty bag

Felt Keychain

If you guys Like them I'll soon post the patterns!  :D

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