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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Crochet Hearty Headband And Thanks!

Hello,I am so happy today! Rather I would say I got the biggest shock of my life today!I opened my Blog dashboard like only today after yesterday and The last Time I saw it the number of pageviews were 884 to be exact and you won't believe what I saw!The page view shooted to 2578 something And I couldn't believe my eyes! More than a thousand views in one day and all thanks to!Some weeks ago I had submitted two of my patterns on their website and recently they got it published. Now my patterns are the second top in their respective categories! I am so happy- First that my patterns got featured on a website and second that in one day I got so many views! :D

Sorry I couldn't get A model to wear it! :P

Anyways so here is one more pattern of mine just for the sake of it! Well, it would suit as a valentine's day pattern but it would also be perfect for fall, spring and summer because its lightweight and airy! :P

 Materials I used :

5.00 mm Hook, 

Madame Tricote Black Star Yarn,

Some cotton yarn in shades of pink .

Blunt Needle,

  • Row 1: With black Yarn chain to desired length +2. I chained 54 as my head is small.
  • slip st to the first st.
  • Row 2: Dc In the 3rd chain from hook, chain 1 and dc that makes a V-stitch.
  • *Skip 1 chain ; dc, ch 1 dc* repeat till the end of chain.Sl st to the top of chain 2
  • Row 3-4: Chain 2 ,Make v stitch in ch 1 of previous V-stitch.Sl st to top of ch 2
  • Now hearts:

  • Make your magic circle and chain 3.
  • 3 treble (or triple) crochets into the circle.By now, you should have your chain 3 on the right, then your three treble crochets
  •  work 3 double crochets
  • From right to left, you should have your chain 3, 3 treble crochets, and 3 double crochets
  • Now chain 1
  • Work one treble crochet into the circle
  • Chain 1 again.
  • Now you’re basically going to repeat the first half of the pattern, backwards, to form the second half of the heart. First up is 3 double crochets.

  • Now just chain 2
  • Then slip stitch into the circle to finish it up.
  • See the loose ‘tail’ yarn at the top? Pulling that will tighten your heart and cinch it closed
  • I got Different sizes by using different sizes of hooks: 5.00mm, 4.00 mm And 2.00 mm respectively.

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