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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed! ♡

Good Day everyone! :D

Howie you all?

OK so here  is the article- True Friendship.
According to you who is a true friend?- someone who lends you money and books? , Someone who shares his/her secrets with  you? Someone who laughs at your jokes? -

We all have different friends for different purposes- classmates for doing mischief in class, best friends for sharing secrets, close friends for substituting best friends, childhood friends, pen friends,  tuition friends, class friends, school friends etc etc each for different purposes in our life. Isn't it? Have we ever thought about it?

Friendship has no color- Cause Friendship Is Bind!

Anyways so among this who are our true friends? Whom can we trust? On whom can we rely?
According to me  these are the criteria needed in a healthy friendship:
1. Truthful- one of the most important thing to maintain a relationship. No matter what happens the person should be truthful- My fiends cheated me many times but cause they were truthful I am still with them :)
2. Trust- The most important thing. Both the friends should have  full trust on each other. Trust iambic the foundation of any relation.
3. The person must not be behind your fame - Like some people do friendship only with those who are popular in the school or wherever. This is totally wrong cause fame is not always with you, some day or the other it goes . Only family and TRUE friends remain.- None of my friends know I have blog-.
4. Money- one of the biggest problems and barriers in a good relationship. We all are humans,  we are not supposed to judge anyone  by how much money. Here in Kuwait none of us know how much money someone has, if someone dsnt have anything we give them money and dnt ask them back. Remember one thing- money is not everything
5.  Competition: you should never ever compete with your friends. Healthy competition is an exception.
6. Don't ever ignore your friends calls. If you are busy pick up the call and tell them. Ways the harm? Ignoring their calls might hurt them.7. Always put yourself in their shoes and think.
8. Don't over expect from them. The Have other stuff to do!
9. Support them when they need you. You are their friend
10. True friends understand each other's feelings by just seeing each other's face. Establish this kind of relation.
11. Forgive them when they ask forgiveness . Don't show ego . Ego has no place in friendship.
12. Don't hesitate to say sorry. You won't become small by saying sorry rather ur friendship will b stronger.
13. Pray for them
14. Accept new people in ur friends circle. Its always great making new friends.
14. NEVER EVER EVER CHANGE YOUR BFF EVERY year according to class. It's really bad. I mean last year you shared all ur secrets with someone and now someone else? This can also lead to backbiting about each other.
16. Never backbone about each other . Whatever problem u have tell it on their face this might prevent misconceptions.
17. Never take your fight to more than 3 days.
18. Never very careful in choosing friends. Some might influence you in  the wrong way. Choose friends of ur interest.
18. Try to stay away from their bf/ gf.
19. Smile! :D  it's a great way to cheer  them up when they are sad or else simply to maintain a healthy friendship. Crack jokes often .
20. One last thing ( there are many more bit I don't wanna bore u)-Don't be so very close to them . Ur family is always ur best friend.
And trust , truth and spit your ego! Very very important.
Remember one thing- the way you behave with your friends the same way the wl behave with  u. So don't expect Noreen from them,  rather give them the most u can !♥
Hope you liked it!
I would love to hear what is your
definition of a true definition!
And any stories of ur friends.

 Here Is what True Friendship means to me! You might have obviously heard this saying- A friend in need is a friend indeed!- is this The only definition of a true friend? Well I say this saying combines all the meanings.

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