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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good News!

Hiya everyone,
I am so happy today and a bit embarrassed too! :P
3 of my friends came to know I have a blog . They were laughing at me! :D

I was so pissed but they were actually supporting me, that I am creative and  all that .
When they By mistake (Actually I said it by mistake- It just came out of my mouth) saw me opening my blog like one of them literally snatched my cell! :O
And the plus point is that she knows how to crochet.
Then I was like why not join her in my blog , you know partnership?! :P
I asked her if she would blog with me and guess what- She said Yes- I am so happy!
I got a blogging partner so now my blog will no longer be personal and boring and The posts will also arrive on time (hope so)
So this was the good news- We are getting a new blogger and her name is ..........................issss........................ Yusra Sheikh! I am so excited!
Now I hope that there wil be no delays in posts, you will get to see more crochet and better articles and I will get a partner ! who will share the work with me!
I thank Yusra with all my heart for accepting my proposal! And BTW one more thing!- Did you guys like the new background?
I am kinda obsessed with hearts and purple color and I wanted a new look for my blog so that it looks like it's a teens blog not a grandma's :P And soon you'll see more new updations to my blog !
And P.S- I made the background. I'll soon make it available for you guys also if you like it! D
looking forward to a crafty tomorrow...........

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