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Monday, June 3, 2013

Favourite Hairstyle #2 : High Ponytails!

So here's my Monday Update:Favourite hairstyles!And this week's fave hairstyle is: High Ponytails!

I literally have a craze for high ponytails. I am simply Crazy about them . They look great on short hair but Even though I have long hair I just love the way it turns out.I mean the texture it adds to your hair is just freaking cool! :DAnd Wrapping your hair around it- OMG just adds taste to the ponytail.These look perfect on the center or side or just anywhere on your hair.And the plus point- Its so damn easy and quick.In short I love it!So here are some pics:(obviously hollywood Celebs! )

My Fav Version:

A Perfect Pony Guide:

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