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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Posting Schedule!

Hala People,
How are you all?
I am having really hectic days at school. Homework , Homework and More Homework!
They teach nothing in class uff!
As you all know, I simply post any random stuff on any day and might end up posting 2-3 of them in a day which affects my homework a ot and I also have to get scolded by my parents! :(
And all this is affecting my blogging a lot (I guess :P)
But I dont want that to happen so therefore I have planned a "schedule" of what I am going to post Everyday!
This might help me to balance between my studies and also my Blogging (Hope so :D)
Anyways I guess I'll be posting everyday! YAY!
Ok fine, At least I'll try Nothing is impossible cause i-m-Possible ;)
So here's my schedule:
Monday : I'll be featuring My Fav Hairstyles- Pics of course , I am still learning to do them :D ( Yay New update)
Tuesday: DIY/ Arts and Crafts
Wednesday: Recipe

Thursday: Crochet 
Friday: Article 
Saturday: New words I learn in the week! ( another new update!)
Sunday: C'mon I need a day off at least! My fingers will die if I type the whole week! :D
What say? Good Enough?
I need your Suggestions ! :)


  1. Wow... at least you can make a schedule -_- I suck at schedules, the only schedule I've been able to follow in my life were the school schedules :P

    Looking forward to a creative everyday!

    1. AnonymousMay 23, 2013

      Hehehe lol :D
      You won't believe I am literally planning this schedule from almost 1 month! :P
      And now Its out at last .
      Lol just wait and watch I simply made the schedule now I'm sure I'll mess it all up and and up on my previous ways ;)
      And yeah me too - looking forward to new creative ideas in ma mind :D


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