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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Monogrammed Tags!

While playing with clay, I wanted to make my own monogrammed tags to hang on my school bag. When I tried to make one it turned out very well but didn't dry at all! No matter how much I tried it wouldn't dry! I tried baking, it melted. I tried freezing, but after sometime it returned to its original position! But in the end I thought of this- salt dough monogrammed tags! And you know what other worked very well but as usual "imperfect"! Anyways here's how to do it who knows you might turn up with something much better than me!
1. Flour-white flour, wheat flour or just anything
 3. Water
 4. Knife 
5. Toothpick 

1.Mix the flour, water and salt in a Dish Knead the dough Set aside for sometime 
Looks like poop ! :p
2.After 15 mins take the dough and roll it to almost 1 inch thick. 

2.Using a cookie cutter cut in desired shape 
I used A steel glass :D
3.Next take your knife or toothpick and engrave your initial in it. 

I would suggest using a Toothpick for this.

4.Using the toothpick add any more designs u like.
5.At the tip center of the circle, make a hole for the thread or ribbon to pass. 
6.Paint the dough or just leave it like that. 
7.Bake it in the oven or else leave it on its own to dry. 
Your monogrammed tag is ready! Do not forget to link me the tags you made! And please comment below what you think about the idea! :D 
Happy Face :D
SAD Face :(
So how did you like the idea? I really need suggestions on this! Did you make it? If you tried the paint idea please tell me how it turned out! :P


  1. Hi Halima,

    Thanks for all your interest and participation over at TBC! Unfortunately, I'm not doing featured bloggers or updating often now because I have very important exams starting in two weeks, and many projects due now.. Thanks again for your interest, I will make sure to contact you about getting featured soon after the exams end (21st of June).

    1. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

      It's totally ok ginger I understand I am also having exams right now. Yeah sure no problem whenever it's suitable for u.
      Btw all the very best for ur exams do superbly well! :D
      May god bless you ! :)


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