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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Flirty Crochet Scarf! ♥

So here's another crochet pattern from me- The flirty crochet Scarf♥ This lightweight crochet scarf can be worn to prom,  parties,  or even on dates!
Made with lightweight yarn, this crochet scarf reflects a flirty attitude because of its ruffly nature

Material Used:
Lightweight Variegated yarn in pink
 4.0mm hook

 1. Chain 120+1

 2.Sc in the second stitch from hook and in all remaining stitches .Turn

 3. Chain 3 , 3 Dc in the same stitch

 4.  Chain 1 , 4 Dc in each stitch across

 5. Fasten off. Twist, twist Nd twist in the right  direction

There you go, The flirty crochet scarf has been completed!♥

If you try it, please send me pics on Twitter or by the contact me page.

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- Halima XoXo ♥

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