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Monday, May 20, 2013

Trip To The Garden!!

Hey everyone,
How was your day today?
Well mine was just awesome! I had a lot of fun.
Today me, my family, and my aunt's family went to the nearby garden. We had so much fun! We played football,  basketball and we did walking etc. It was so much fun! Isn't it cool to go out with your family? I don't mean going out with friends isn't cool-it's much more fun- but with family it's a total different experience!
My  mom didnt know how to play badminton, I tried to teach but obviously you can't just learn in some hours so me and my bro played badminton. There were some guys(hot ;)- shhh don't tell anyone) it was fun watching them play volleyball . I wish I could play with them :P
I had visited the garden so many times since I was a kid-
 infact it was my most visited place but this was the first time I noticed the beauty of it, the beauty of nature,  the beauty of unity between so many kinds of people, the peace I was getting there I was lonely yet I was satisfied-I felt someone is there who was with me but I couldn't see them! Wow!  Such an awesome day it was!
The sky was clear with a far away moon. Everyone were busy in what they were doing. I tried to take some pics so that I could blog about it but as I don't have a camera-I'm still trying to get one-my pics aren't so clear but still they're just enough for explaining the beauty of nature!

Do you guys enjoy nature? whats the thing you like in nature most? whats your favorite scenic beauty?  


  1. Hey Halima!!
    Looks like you had a fun day :)
    I love being out in nature... it's so much fun, no?

    1. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

      Ikr yaar ! Yup had a lot of fun :D
      Here in Kuwait u don't get to see much greenery but the nature here with all its animals birds and all is just worth a thought :)
      I had never enjoyed the garden as much as on this day :P
      We ourselves being a part of nature enjoy it Lol :D

  2. Next time you go, take me with you ;) salmiya garden has changed so much since the last time i went there...

    1. AnonymousJune 08, 2013

      Sure sure! whenever you say! <3
      IKR even when I went

    2. yeah...we'll play volleyball or something! HAHAHA !! =D


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