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Monday, May 13, 2013

Striped Pencil Pouch with Fringe

Hallo People!
GOOD Morning! :D
This was one of the pencil pouches I made as an order :P (for a friend)
This pouch was originally without the fringes, but later I just wanted to spice it up so added the fringes :P

  1. Yarn (2 colors A and B)
  1. Hook
Ch: Chain
Sc: Single Crochet
*this Pattern is worked from downwards to upwards.
1.        With A, chain 30 or 35 according to desired width ( check the length of your pencil)
2.       Chain +1.       Sc in the second ch from hook and all around(30,35)
4.       Sl St to first chain (place a stitch marker here) and now working at the back side sc in the same st.
5.       Sc all around and Sl St to the first stitch (place a stitch marker here). ch 1 and continue to sc one more round
.6.       Change to Color B : Sc two rounds with B
7.       Sc two rounds of each color until you reach your desired height ( I did 15 rows )
8.       And a zipper and you’re done! 

    Flower :
    dc: double crochet
    hdc: half double crochet
    sc: single crochet
    sl st: slip stitch
    Make a magic ring.
    R1: chain 1, sc into loop 5 times, pull loop closed, join with sl st in first stitch
    R2: continue in the first stitch with a hdc, dc, chain 1, dc, hdc; *sl st, hdc, dc, ch1, dc, hdc* in each of the four remaining stitches, finish with a sl st

    How to add the Fringe:

    1. Cut the yarn into the required number of equal lengths.
    2. Fold the strands of yarn for one fringe in half, forming a loop at one end.
    3. Take your hook and draw the loop through the stitch that you’re attaching the fringe to.
    4. draw the loose ends of the yarn through the loop.
    5. Holding the top of the fringe in one hand, pull gently on the fringe ends with your other hand.
    6. To finish, trim the ends of the fringe so that they’re even.
    Did you like the fringe idea?
    Any more suggestions for me?
    Dont hesitate to put them below!
    Whats the comment box for?!

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