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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Easy Striped Pencil Pouch :D

Easy Striped Pencil Pouch :D

 This is such an easy and fast project!
It was the first ever  second thing I made and was also a SUPER HIT IN school. People couldn't believe that i made it!
and can you believe it? -I got so many orders to make them and people were ready to pay me over 1.00 KD (3.52 $) for this but I wasn't so greedy that time to make stuff for money but my aim was to crochet better than anyone. and my first pouch i sold for 0.500 fils( 1.76 $).
anyways so here's the pattern for you guys to enjoy Back to school.

  1. Yarn (2 colors A and B)
  1. Hook
Ch: Chain
Sc: Single Crochet
*this Pattern is worked from downwards to upwards.
1.        With A, chain 30 or 35 according to desired width ( check the length of your pencil)
2.       Chain +1
3.       Sc in the second ch from hook and all around(30,35)
4.       Sl St to first chain (place a stitch marker here) and now working at the back side sc in the same st.
5.       Sc all around and Sl St to the first stitch (place a stitch marker here). ch 1 and continue to sc one more round.
6.       Change to Color B : Sc two rounds with B
7.       Sc two rounds of each color until you reach your desired height ( I did 15 rows )
8.       And a zipper and you’re done! 

    Flower :
    dc: double crochet
    hdc: half double crochet
    sc: single crochet
    sl st: slip stitch
    Make a magic ring.
    R1: chain 1, sc into loop 5 times, pull loop closed, join with sl st in first stitch
    R2: continue in the first stitch with a hdc, dc, chain 1, dc, hdc; *sl st, hdc, dc, ch1, dc, hdc* in each of the four remaining stitches, finish with a sl st
    Step 1: Ch 11
    Step 2: Sc in ch next to hook and each sp across (10 sc total)
    Step 3: Continue to sc in each sp around the opposite side of ch (9 sc). Join with sl st to next sc.
    Step 4: Sc in first 2 sc, Hdc in next sc, Dc in next two sc, Tr crochet in next sc, Dc in next sc, Hdc in next sc, sc in last 2 sc
    Step 5: Sc in first 2 sc on opposite side, Hdc in next sc, Dc in next two sc, Tr crochet in next sc, Dc in next sc, Hdc in next sc, Sc in last 2 sc, join with sl st and fasten off

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