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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Competition submission #1 !

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The sky is not the limit

“The sky is not the limit”, let us look at what it literally means :-The sky has no limit, it is widespread and there is no ending point for it. Similarly humans also have no limit. They can achieve anything they want. They have no ending for their aspiration to achieve something.I would like to start with the introduction of POSSIBILITY.

When we want to do something, we should not consider that there is a possibility that we won’t able to do it. For me, I don’t blindly believe that I can do whatever I want, but rather, when I think that I want, I only focus on the steps needed to reach the goal.

Sometimes we succeed in this but there are people who failed to achieve and they soon lose their hope and start making excuses. But they, thereafter never try to come up with new ideas to change their failure into success. So I want to remind them of these words “Try, Try, Try , until you succeed’’ thus again try and this time put your full determination and concentration to it and a bit of hardworking , will definitely lead to success.

What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people ?Attractiveness, Style, Attitude, Education Family ? No, not all this because there are many millionaires who have not even graduated from high school. Actually the difference between them is passion; they never give up attitude and direction towards their goal.
Successful people, are the ones who first worked hard towards their ambition and when they never gave up and finally this lead a “STRUGGLING PERSON” to become a successful person in the society”.

Now take a moment to digest that into your mind. If your aren’t successful, it’s not because you’re lacking anything. You just simply, haven’t decided to be successful, haven’t decided to follow your desires, and don’t have a never give up attitude towards your aim. You don’t need anything special to simply keep working towards your dreams.
So stop making excuses. Stop letting things hold you back-including yourself. You have the ability to be great. You have the ability to succeed in anything you want.The Sky is not the limit but you are.“Decide to be limitless”.


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  1. Kudos to the anonymous person! Very well written!! And I agree, it's out attitude and charisma that determines it all. There are endless possibilities in this world and being, why confine yourself? Why not try harder? Why give up?

    Be a free bird, believe in yourself and in your dreams, nurture you passion then even reaching the horizon would seem possible!!

    1. AnonymousMay 26, 2013

      Ikr! soo true!
      I just hope this person had a blog and would tell me their Name! :P


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